We are a member organisation of Northamptonshire Mental Health Collaboration and Approved Qualified Providers of this service.

NHS non acute contracting work experience and training plan

Individuals with Mental Health needs are receiving person centred support that has focused on the achievement of Personal Outcomes related to preventing deterioration and enablement.Personal Output Objectives tailored to the individual are listed and in our marketing leaflet and NHS Direct Health Directory.   These relate to the Key Performance Indicators identified below.Personal Output Objectives are reviewed, re-evaluated and monitored for relevance on an individual basis in consultation with NHS Mental Health Assessors annuallyRegular Annual Review and Performance Development Plan established. Monthly in-house review to ensure relevance as improvements made
Individuals with Mental Health needs have been supported by staffs who have understood their needs; work in a person centred way and have understood the impact of a mental health problem on individuals and their families.Staff members are trained during induction and made continuously aware of the needs of individuals with Mental Health problems with respect to work place activities and socialisation into the culture of the organisation with respect to breaksManagement and support staff meet regularly to establish progress and actions required to ensure a safe, welcoming and non-invasive work environment is maintained at all timesMonthly as standard or more frequently as required
There has been an increase in the number of adults with Mental and Emotional distress who report improvements in mental/emotional resilience, wellbeing and quality of lifeImprove health by engaging in physical aspects of the work to complete tasks that benefit members of the community; resulting in a sense of well-being. This has an impact on quality of lifeInformal meeting with the individual concerned is carried out which promotes trust, acceptance and inclusion. Any feedback from those are given to the manager for reporting and action as requiredWeekly throughout the year
Individuals with Mental Health problems are taking part in a community related activity and are measurably active in their local communityDesigned to improve the quality of life by promoting teamwork that completes given tasks which have a direct impact in helping people in the community with furniture/goodsThe work of Daventry Contact is predominately focused on helping people in an altruistic manner through the provision of furniture and goods to relieve povertyWeekly throughout the year
Individuals with Mental Health problems have been supported to access education and training opportunitiesThrough our Training Partners, in addition to life skills training we offer vocational training courses to NVQ Level 2 in Warehouse and StorageThis is monitored by us and the course provider to ensure bespoke delivery on an individual basis meets their needs to complete modulesAttendance is in-house as required and designed around the main activities of the charity that clients are involved in.   Tutor is once/month
Individuals with Mental Health problems have raised their employability and readiness for workDevelop social inclusion that builds competences and confidence to complete tasks in teamwork settingRegular informal discussions with client to gauge effectiveness of tasks completed. Review/Amend if neededRegular evidence of well-being and a sense of improved quality of life has resulted from increased capabilities.

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