Working in the Daventry Community

Daventry Contact, a registered charity since 1988 with 25+ years experience helping people in the community especially those in need of furniture, beds, soft furnishings, and food parcels in the town of Daventry and 250sq miles of the surrounding region of Daventry District.


We collect from and deliver to homes and sheltered accommodation and help many families and individuals. Problems encountered by our clients include poverty fuelled by low income, disability, domestic violence, unemployment and homelessness and in some cases mental health and learning difficulties. By helping and caring for their needs, we hope folks can experience better lives.


Daventry Contact has regular meetings and dialogue with all the agencies and organisations that make referrals including local Housing Associates, Voluntary Sector reference groups and Northamptonshire County Council Departments. This includes contact with Citizens Advice, Social Services, Education and Disability Service and Health Visitors. Consequently we manage to re-use approx 50+ tonnes of goods and products that would otherwise go to landfill and which we renovate to a good standard for recipients.




  1. The relief of poverty by the provision of furniture, other household items and/or services calculated to reduce need, hardship or distress.
  2. The relief of persons suffering from emotional distress and similar mental health challenges by the provision of assistance through work placement and volunteering opportunities in order to build self confidence.
  3. To treat all people in need with whom the charity helps, with dignity and without prejudice.
  4. To make a difference to peoples’ lives for the better. To lend a helping hand, share a word of encouragement and hope, and make a tangible difference to the folks we help.
  5. To build a reputation as an altruistic organisation that reaches out to those who need the service we provide with an unselfish concern for their welfare.

Our operations are carried out by employees and volunteers. We provide training opportunities through employment for the disadvantaged including those with learning difficulties in order to build skills, competences and confidence through work experience and life skills training by our resident supervisors and academic tutor. Daventry Contact by the nature of our activities assists in supporting important local authority corporate objectives.


Shared Objectives Description specific to Shared Objectives
Improve the Local Business Economy Provide employment, training and volunteering opportunities. This includes providing a safe environment in which to develop personnel to gain skills and confidence.The equipment and provision of facilities is supplied by local businesses
Protect and Enhance the Local Environment By the collection and redistribution of furniture and electrical appliances that would otherwise be disposed of in landfill through main charities activities.
Health, Safe and Strong Communities and Individuals Provide support and enhance lives by providing basic living necessities including food parcels to those in need.   Provides training and support for people with mental health problems and learning difficulties.Access to our service is available to all residents within the region of the Daventry District of Northamptonshire




Cross Cutting Issues Identified Issues Addressed Through Meeting Objectives
Social Inclusion Helping those in need to experience better lives by caring for their needs in the way of furniture and other household items.   Helping families to remain together.   Providing work experience and acceptance for those with mental health and learning difficulties.
Community Cohesion Providing volunteer opportunities. Promoting the reuse of furniture and white goods.   Also the provision of food parcels to those in need because of mitigating circumstances.
Access and equality Equal opportunities for service users, employees, volunteers and trainees with mental health and learning difficulties, all in accordance with the Charity’s equal opportunities policy
Crime and disorder Ex offenders may request our assistance in resettling into the community. We assist wherever possible without prejudice.


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