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The Need

Most people own all the furniture they need and occasionally wish to change it for new or it is just simply more than they need. This extra furniture that is no longer required can be extremely useful for someone else, especially those in need who don’t have any. Folks we help quite often are not so fortunate and reside in accommodation lacking in essentials. They do not have enough beds, furniture or white goods. Some families even struggle to afford the basics for their children.


DAVENTRY CONTACT (Reg Charity 1002659) is the effective link between those with unwanted items and goods listed under the ITEMS page, and desperate folks in genuine need of the same items.


We collect items gladly from those able to offer them BUT with respect, we are NOT waste collection service. It is important to us that the recipients of items we deliver to are treated with dignity and generosity of spirit, and we achieve this by making sure items are in good working order, fairly clean and fit for purpose.


Those we assist come from all walks of life and face difficulites for all manner of reasons. We pride ourselves in helping where help is needed and where needed most, irrespective of peoples’ creed, ethnic origin, religious persuasion or other. Our charity heartily believes that we should offer hope and assistance to anyone in genuine need because they matter. As a Christian organisation, the love of Christ compels us to go the extra mile and help whoever we can, whenever we can.


Occasionally we are offered goods only for the express purpose of raising funds for the charity. We welcome these for this purpose and ask you to let us know if that’s so – thank you.


Those requesting from us re-useable items are provided free of charge.

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The days we collect or deliver to your area is listed in our Schedule.

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We hope you don’t mind if we also ask for an affordable donation towards the service we provide because giving makes a big impact to the work we do and the people we help.