NHS-NCC Placements



If you refer to our organisation structure, you’ll see we operate a Community Mental Health Workplace Scheme.

The Daventry Contact Organisation has provided primary services in the community for over 25 years.

The second is that the charity provides a service of work experience based placements which include training for individuals recovering from Mental Health related problems.

Referrals of individuals from Community Mental Health Teams or similar, that are in receipt of a health service related personal budget allocation are invited and welcome to consider a placement with the charity.

The type of work experience offered is linked to ‘Personal Output Objectives’ approved by NHS Northamptonshire and is tailored to the second primary service of the charity described below.

We pride ourselves in caring for people and keen to encourage folks who join us for whatever length of time they need, to aid their recovery and feel better about themselves.

This service is also extend to referrals from Northamptonshire County Council’s Employment and Disability Service or similar and individuals with personal budget allocations that enables work experienced placements to be engaged in with the charity.


Click here to see our Work Experience and Training Plan for you to consider

Please contact our office for further details – we have a listening ear to those in need of encouragement.

Our role in context to personal output objectives is to provide any or all of the following to suit our clients:

  • Support people to be independent

  • Support people to integrate into society

  • Support people to build confidence

  • Support people to get back into the work place

  • Develop work experience, work placements and work trials for people

  • Develop associations with local businesses to offer opportunities for people

  • Support people to apply for jobs with CV writing, application forms and interview skills

  • Support people to move away from benefits into paid employment that suits the individual


By offering these, clients can receive the help and support they need that is aimed to build confidence in a safe office and warehouse environment.

For further details, please contact us.

Click here to see our Work Experience and Training Plan for you to consider

If you’d like to consider joining us under this scheme then please do contact us.